Hippocrates said, ‘Let food be thy medicine,’ and Choices Natural Market has embraced this wisdom.  It is our hope that we can inspire and encourage you to eat well to achieve and maintain good health.  

To that end,  Choices is now offering cooking videos!  While there are many cooking shows widely available, these videos are different!  Quick, easy, recipes featuring natural, organic and non-GMO ingredients are used to create gorgeous and delicious meals.   And most, if not all, of the ingredients can be found at our store!

This cooking show comes to us from a fellow INFRA member store, Debra’s Natural Gourmet, in Cambridge, MA.  Debra is well known in the natural and organic food industry and was recently honored at the 2016 Natural Products Expo West as one of the industry’s greatest contributors—the only retailer of the twelve individuals who were honored.  

We believe that independent natural and organic food stores play an essential role in supporting and creating healthy communities.  Providing this resource is one more way Choices can lead this effort!



Eat Well, Be Happy     Episode 310

Alyssa tastes an early green harvest olive oil but manages not to cough. She and Debra use a Himalayan pink salt in three dishes. A roasted beet salad with oranges, pistachios and goat cheese; steamed veggies with a lemony tahini sauce, and a flamenco turtle bean salad with lots of avocado. They will hunt you down if you don’t try these at home!


Eat Well, Be Happy Episode 307

Roxanne tells Debra to get into a good mood or she’s out of here. Debra likes to proceed to the main event, but Roxanne loves appetizers so they make these: sweet potato purple latkes; a feta toasted walnut dip; eggplant caviar with smoked olive oil; and a roasted lemony chestnut nuts with artichoke hearts. Don’t peel the potatoes because they’re organic.

Sweet Potato, Purple Potato Latkes

Feta Toasted Walnut Dip

Eggplant Caviar with Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Chestnut Artichoke Heart Lemony Roast

Eat Well, Be Happy    Episode 306

Vegetarian Stews

Aya Papaya and Debra make three vegetarian stews that will satisfy one and all. Some of the ingredients? Maitake mushrooms, also known as dancing in the woods mushrooms, that go into a stew; chickpeas and artichoke hearts for an Italian giambotta with lots of herbs that Debra can’t remember without reading the recipe; and a curry with butternut squash, purple cauliflower and peas. Organic? Yes!

Maitake Mushroom Stew

Chickpea, Artichoke Heart Giambotta

Butternut Squash Curry with Purple Cauliflower and Peas

Eat Well, Be Happy     Episode 305

Baking for the Holidays:  

Baker Jeff and Debra ponder desserts for the holidays. They decide to make three tried-and-trues made at Debra’s Natural Gourmet for more than a quarter of a century: an old-fashioned pecan pie with real maple syrup, a cranberry oat crunch and a pumpkin maple cake made with sweet potatoes (no peeling allowed)! Jeff tells how to keep the sticky stuff from sticking to your measuring cup.

Old-fashioned Pecan Pie

Pumpkin Maple Cake

Cranberry Oat Crunch

Eat Well, Be Happy     Episode 215

Zucchini yellow squash quiche

Rhubarb compote with mascarpone

Almost like Ratner's soup


Eat Well, Be Happy     Episode 214

Savory meatballs with harissa

Split pea puree

Quick green salad

Rhubarb Apple Squares


Eat Well, Be Happy     Episode 213

Golden carrot, corn, yam soup

Marinated salad with fresh mozzarella or tofu

Coconut Blueberry Cherry Cobbler




Dandelion green salad with golden raisins

Asparagus, arugula, bee pollen

Picked radish with chicory and pomegranate molasses


Eat well, be happy  episode 202

Ancient Grains:  

Farro amaranth pilaf with sour cherries

Chinese black forbidden rice with artichoke hearts, peas, and spinach

Kasha (buckwheat) with mixed mushroom medley

Chocolate teff confection

Eat Well, Be Happy    Episode 203

Winter Soups

Corn chowder with duck bacon

Cuban black bean soup

Pay-the-mortgage lentils barley soup

Eat well, be happy   episode 204

Cooking with Turmeric and Ginger

Chicken tagine

Napa blueberry cabbage salad

Pineapple turmeric ginger

Ginger cookies and ginger tea

Eat Well, Be Happy    Episode 205

Let's have lunch!  

Fagioli chicken salad

Lentil vegetable chorizo soup

Roasted beets, walnuts, feta


food for lovely skin

Wild salmon steaks with black sesame seeds

Wild brown rice pilaf nori

California fruit salad with nuts

Cucumber yogurt sauce


Eat Well, Be Happy      Episode 207

Warming, cool weather meals

Cauliflower steaks, winter greens pesto

Millet quinoa pilaf with medley of mushrooms

Spiced winter cookies with blackberries

Spice tea



Wild rice, purple potato pancakes

Green pepita salad with avocado

Veggies, black beans, lots of cheese

Mexican fruit salad with dollop of chocolate mousse




Cocoa chia pudding

Oat almond nutella cookies

Figs, honey, rosewater, pine nuts

Brown and black sesame candies

Eat Well, Be Happy      Episode 210

A Bean, A Grain, A Pasta

South American chicken stew

Brazilian quinoa, artichoke

Soba noodles, seaweed flowers

Eat Well, Be Happy      Episode 211

Three Entrees for Dinner

Cauliflower quinoa risotto

Lots of mushrooms lasagna

Scallops with broccoli and garlic