Choices is excited to have Dr. Rosemary Schiavi in the store to answer your questions about chiropractic care.  No appointments are necessary.  Take advantage of this opportunity to learn more!


 Dr. Rosemary Schiavi is a licensed chiropractic physician.  She is a cum laude graduate of Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN where she earned her doctorate degree in chiropractic medicine.  Dr. Schiavi has also earned a Bachelor of Science degree in viology from UW-Parkside in Kenosha, WI.  She has been in clinical practice since 2004.  Dr. Schiavi has completed additional post-graduate training in pediatrics, pregnancy, cranio-sacral technique, kinesiotaping and nutritional counseling. She is certified in Webster technique and Graston technique and has completed her diplomate in pediatric care.