We will have a representative from the suki skin care line available in the store to demonstrate some of their amazing products.  No appointment is necessary!  Their standards are impressive and that is how the suki products landed on our shelves!   If you are unfamiliar with them here are a few fast facts:

safe for sensitive skin™
use only 100% pure ingredients

  • no allergens
  • no parabens
  • no phthalates
  • no petrochemicals
  • no synthetic fragrances/dyes
  • no sulfates
  • no cruelty

source fair trade, organic & local whenever possible, always minimizing carbon footprint & supporting sustainability. all ingredients are completely cruelty-free. many suki® products are vegan. the sole animal ingredient - 100% organic beeswax, sourced from farms that do not harm bees or burn hives.

Stop by and talk with their representative and experience these products for yourself!