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This delicious soup recipe from Forks Over Knives made me look like a master chef!  But the best part is that there's a short ingredient list and is pretty quick to get on the table.  I used LOCAL kale from Anderson Organics in Caledonia (yep, in December!) to substitute for the bok choy.  Also added a bit more broth.  I did not make homemade vegetable stock (bought mine) or mung beans (didn't have any.)   I'm including the recipes here in case you have the time and are interested in making this totally from scratch.  

A huge shout out to Forks Over Knives, which has an amazing website with lots of resources for anyone interesting in transitioning to a plant based diet.  We have the cookbook at our store and the movie is inspiring too!  

But...back to this soup...So simple.  A little spicy.  And very slurpy with those noodles, broth, and veggies! 

In case you love cooking everything from's a recipe for the veggie broth and mung beans.