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2019:  Inspiration for Change!

Welcome to the 2019 Choices Road Trip for Health! 

We call it the Choices road trip, but never lose sight of the fact that this is YOUR journey.  The goals for eating well and improving health are uniquely yours. 

Wherever you are on your health journey, we intend to inspire and encourage you, as we move into the new year.  

The focus of the Choices Road Trip for Health will be

1.  Provide information and encouragement.

2.  Share recipes to get you into the kitchen.

3.  Offer ideas to help you save money and keep your budget on track.

We begin today! 

Know What's In Your Food

Read the labels in your pantry and refrigerator--especially the ingredient labels.  How many of the ingredients would you actually use if you were cooking it yourself?  

Read books, visit websites, and watch films that explain the implications of eating processed foods and the benefits of transitioning to a diet of real foods. Learn about GMO's.  What are they and how do they affect us and our environment? 

The public library has a wide variety of books on this topic (authors:  Michael Pollan, Mark Bittman, Kris Carr, Robyn O'Brien) and in a variety of formats; including digital, CD and hard cover. 
Great films to stream, and are readily available on line: 
Food, Inc.
In Defense of Food
Fresh (the food documentary)
Super Size Me
Forks Over Knives

Unsure of what to look for when reading food labels?

Here are tips from food blogger, Lisa Leake, of 100 Days of Real Food.


Websites for Information and Encouragement

There are many websites out there to support you on your journey to make healthier choices.  Below are a few of our favorites!

100 Days of Real Food Lisa Leak is a food blogger who has chronicled her journey as she worked to eliminate processed food from her family's diet.  She offers many recipes, videos, and helpful tips.
Living Non-GMO  This website explains what GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are and helps you find products that have been certified to be GMO free.
Forks Over Knives  Forks over Knives encourages a vegan diet, and provides plant based recipes and planning tools to help integrate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. You don't have to be a vegan to appreciate the delicious recipes and information they provide!

You can find a more extensive list, with descriptions of various healthy eating websites, if you click here.

What should we eat to be healthy?

Sunday, February 17th from 1 - 3 pm

This screening is FREE, but space is limited, so you must register to attend. Click here to sign up.

Buy Healthy Food Without Breaking the Budget

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Choices Road Trip for Health and Customer Appreciation Sale


Save the date!  About 3 times each year, we have a customer appreciation day where we offer 20% off everything on our shelves.  The only items this discount does not apply to are items that are already on sale (yellow sales tag on the shelf.)  We especially love offering this bargain day in January, because so many people are focused on trying to eat healthier!  This is a crazy, busy day but such fun.  So many happy people saving money! Join us and stock up on all of your healthy food staples!

Shop Our Sales


The Choices sales are unique in that the prices are good for the entire month, not just a few days or for just 1 week.  Click here to see our complete January sales flyer.  We have over 1200 items on sale this month, so they don't all fit in the flyer.  Look for the bright yellow sale tags on our shelves throughout the store to identify the sale items

Get in the Kitchen & Cook


This is the first recipe I tried when introducing kale to my family.  You have green beans mixed with the kale and mushrooms.  At first, I used less kale and mushrooms than it called for.  And over time, I increased both.  You can include the spicy red pepper flakes, or leave them out.  You can top with parmesan, or leave it out if you're vegan.  This is such a winner that it has had a regular place in our side dish rotation ever since we first tried it!  Click here for this Food Network recipe from Giada de Laurentiis.

Let’s make 2019 the year for lasting change!

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