What We Stand For

It is our belief that there is a direct relationship between the quality of your health and the quality of the food you eat.  With that as our key assertion, we developed a set of standards that guide all of our buying decisions.  

Because we take our responsibility of providing the healthiest choices for our community seriously, we are proud of our strict standards.  There are a number of criteria we use to evaluate products before they make their way onto our shelves, and here are a few of the attributes that we value—

organic and non-GMO products
  local or regionally produced 
  grass fed
  humanely treated animals
  sustainably produced
  minimally processed
  special diet and allergy options
  artisan food products

We avoid large corporate food companies and factory or industrial farming practices.

While we set organic and Non-GMO Project verified as a priority, there are a limited number of items we carry that do not meet this standard, but fit a specific niche we want to fill.  In that event, we only accept the cleanest, least refined option available to meet customer needs.

Core Values:

  1. Service:  Our staff is instrumental in creating a positive, encouraging environment, built on top notch customer service and knowledge. 
  2. Local:  We are committed to supporting local farmers and businesses that are contributing to the organic and sustainable movement ultimately leading to a healthier community.
  3. Choices:  Every customer comes to us at a different place in their journey toward a healthier lifestyle. We offer a variety of clean products to meet our customers’ needs across the continuum.  We prefer organic, but if we are not able to find a suitable organic or non-GMO product to fill a category need in our store, then we’ll choose the healthiest option with the cleanest ingredients.
  4. Fair Trade:  We want the proceeds from the products we sell to benefit the communities in which the ingredients were grown and produced, both in the form of supporting educational programs and fair wages.

Why is providing organically grown food such a high priority for Choices Natural Market?  How is organic food different ?  

Organic food is grown differently than its conventional counterparts and aligns with our mission to make healthy choices easy and putting people and the planet first. 

In order to be certified organic by the USDA,  organic operations must show that they are protecting natural resources, conserving biodiversity, and using only approved substances.  Below are the standards followed by the USDA.


Organic crops 

No harmful chemical pesticides

No synthetic fertilizers

No genetically modified organisms

No sewage sludge 

No irradiation

Organic livestock

Producers meet animal health and welfare standards, 

No use of antibiotics or growth hormones

Used 100% organic feed

Provided animals with access to the outdoors.



Organic multi-ingredient foods 

The product has 95% or more certified organic content. 

If the label claims that it was made with specified organic ingredients, you can be sure that those specific ingredients are certified organic.