• Choices Natural Market (map)
  • 6718 Broadcast Parkway
  • Loves Park, IL, 61111
  • United States
Encouragement & Inspiration (1).jpg

Choices will be hosting Food4Fuel owner, Jim McIlroy, and his 21 Day Sprint to Confidence group. Jim has created this group to support and encourage our Rockford community to change their health through healthy diet and exercise. We will tour the store and discuss ways to eat healthy on a budget.

For those of you curious, this group rotates around town to get workouts in at different gym partners.

The Basic Rules in the Food4Fuel 21 Day STC:

1. Drink More Water and less of everything else

2. Eat More Real Food and less processed and sugary junk

3. Exercise More and sit around less

4. Show up! And Engage in our private Encouraging and Inspiring FB Group

5. Do all the above in community! Life is not meant to live alone, nor is our health conscious journey...surround yourself with like minded people.

6. Be Inspired. And Be Inspiring.

Want to join the group? Do it! Learn more at the 21 Day Sprint to Confidence Facebook page.