We're in the holiday season and that often means buying a wide variety of spices to season all of your delicious baked goods and unique family recipes.  But the cost for buying those spices can sometimes get pricey.  Not at Choices!  We offer a nice selection of organic and natural spices in our bulk area.  This allows you to buy just what you need.  So if your recipe calls for a teaspoon of an unusual spice, you won't need to invest in a whole container!   OR if you know you always go through a ton of oregano--you can buy it from our bulk area and really save some serious money (as you could see from the video.)

 Offering bulk products is one way Choices is unique.  We carry spices, grains, beans, nuts, coffee, tea, and more.  You can even bring a container from home to fill with your bulk choice. We just ask that you visit the cashier first so they can get the weight of your container before you fill it.   If you're new to buying bulk, and aren't sure exactly how the process works, you can always ask one of our friendly team members and they will gladly show you the ropes.  

Buying bulk is a great way to make organic choices more affordable.  Check it out the next time you're at Choices!