The answer to the question "Who Cooks Your Food?" may have a huge impact on your health.  Companies who are processing food have added huge amounts of sugar, salt and fat to increase "craveability" or "snackability"--more than any of us would ever use if preparing the food ourselves.  Take a listen as Michael Pollan, renowned food activist and author, explains how you and your family can improve your health by simply preparing your foods from scratch--real food, the kind without artificial preservatives or flavorings (so yes, these ingredients would spoil)--not food-like substances that come from a box or a fast food restaurant.  

What holds people back?  Cooking is definitely time consuming.  Shopping, prepping ingredients, clean up.  Inexperience?  It looks complicated.  Maybe unsure of where to begin. Choices wants to be your encouragement for getting into the kitchen!  Stop in today to see all of our fresh, healthy, chemical-free options.

 Let's go Rockford!  Get Cooking!