Did you promise yourself to eat healthier this year?  

Choices can help you with that!  

On Saturday, January 28th

save 20% on all regular priced items in the store!!

Healthy food.  Great Savings. 

Win.  Win.

Sorry, no rain checks on items that are out of stock.

We are excited to offer this sale because we know there are many people in our community who are trying hard to get on the right track, but it is not easy.  Choices is proud of our efforts to encourage everyone to eat less processed foods, cook more, and offer some money saving tips too.  If you are someone new to this journey, or if even if you are a veteran of eating clean, here is a video clip to encourage you to KNOW YOUR FOOD.  

Let's leave 2016 behind and simply move forward in the New Year with the knowledge that big plans come and go, but small intentional choices each day will be the foundation of lasting change.  Choices is committed to supporting and inspiring your commitment to do just that.  

For the first 12 weeks of the New Year, we will be sending emails to inform and encourage-- with recipes, money saving tips, and information on healthy trends to look for in the year ahead.  Sign up below to start your road trip for health!