This week, for me, my health journey was a blow out.  Around every turn were temptations to make choices that were veering off my stated goals for eating healthy.  And my willpower was not enough to save me from reverting to old ways.

Have you been there?

Almost as if you had never started the journey at all.  

The inclination is to point at this development and admit to ourselves that "I guess things will never change.  This is just how I roll."  

But this is the moment where we should step back, reflect, and rise up.

Has anyone ever junked a car because it had a flat tire?  


Even though it's annoying, sometimes it just needs a patch!

 Sure enough, changing old habits is challenging.  

But the new habits have just begun to take root.  

Even veering off course, it's clear that change has made its mark.  Even when the inkling of failure is whispering to us...there is another strengthening voice.

I cooked more dinners at home.

I tried whole wheat pasta.

I served a new vegetable to my family...even if they didn't love it.

I drank more water, less soda. 

Once the journey has begun, a new mindset is developing.  Once you know a better way forward, your brain will not allow you to "unlearn" it.  

This week recognize every positive step you've taken,

no matter how small it seems.

 It all adds up.

As you move forward in 2017, remember that big plans come and go, but small intentional choices each day will be the foundation of lasting change. Choices is committed to supporting and inspiring your commitment to do just that.  

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Our family has enjoyed many recipes from www.skinnytaste.com  It is one of many websites that emphasizes cooking with clean, whole ingredients.  About the author of this recipe and food blog, Gina Homolka:

"Her food philosophy is to eat seasonal, whole foods and maintain good portion control (everything in moderation!). Her mission is to help you navigate your way around the kitchen and teach you how to prepare delicious, light, fresh meals your whole family will love!"

To add a little more substance to this recipe, I did a quick saute of some sliced onions, peppers, and mushrooms and added them to my squash before topping with the enchilada sauce and cheese.  Also garnished with sliced jalapenos.  No time to make homemade enchilada sauce, so I used real food enchilada sauce from Choices :)  Click here for the recipe!

AND we've added a new Eat Well, Be Happy cooking video to our website--

A VISIT TO OLD MEXICO featuring recipes for: 

Wild rice, purple potato pancakes, Green pepita salad with avocado, Veggies, black beans, lots of cheese,  and Mexican fruit salad with dollop of chocolate mousse!  


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Spices are my favorite bulk purchase!  They are so much less expensive AND I don't have to buy a whole container when I might only need a teaspoon!  Check out how easy it is...

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