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At Choices,we believe thequality of yourhealth is directlyrelated to the quality of your food..jpg

Have you been searching for answers about what to eat to build health and nurture your body?  Have you been reading labels and wondering about all of the ingredients you can't pronounce?

Have you been reading about organic foods and wondering if that's the way to go?

Is it just for hippies? 

                                    Is it just for people trying to manage health problems?

Is it just for super healthy, super athletic/fit people? 

                                                                                   Is it just for rich people? 

Before we owned Choices, buying organic wasn't even on our radar.  I guess we thought there was a certain type of person who ate that way, and, honestly, we didn't really know that much about what "organic" meant.  Early on, you would mostly find it in special, high priced stores (you know who I mean) that just weren't in "our league."  Buying Choices, totally changed our view.  The question now is: how can we best educate our community and encourage people to choose a healthier path, eating real food with no chemicals and no genetically modified organisms. No fake preservatives.  No fake colors.

We know that visiting a different kind of grocery store can seem a little intimidating.  Lots of brands you don't recognize, and even some items that you have no idea what they are. At Choices, we don't want you to feel that way.  Join us for this light-hearted introduction to why organic is at the heart of what we're doing and why we want everyone to feel like Choices is their very own community market!

You will learn

  • what the USDA organic label means for produce, dairy, meat, body care
  • other certifications that appear on products, and what they mean
  • the standards Choices uses to determine our product mix

We'll take you on a guided tour through each department at Choices, pointing out all of our favorites AND the ways we work to make your shopping simple & healthy. 

And probably most importantly, we'll share ways you can save money on organic food, and gradually work clean, healthy food into your budget, and onto your table.

Spoiler alert:  Organic food is for everyone!

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