I love grill recipes that are simple and quick with very little clean up.  This dinner--Chicken Skewers with Dipping Sauce (click here for the recipe), grilled golden zucchini, and brown rice-- is one of my favorites.  I start with the organic Smart Chicken boneless skinless breasts--they always seems to stay so nice and moist, even when grilled.  The marinade is great because it's uses ingredients I always have on hand- garlic powder, onion powder, thyme, cayenne, basil, cumin, olive oil. (And if you buy these spices in bulk--such a bargain!) It only takes as little as 30 minutes of marinating for the chicken to absorb these great flavors. Only 8 - 10 minutes on the grill!

You might be tempted to skip making the dipping sauce, but trust me--don't!  Soy sauce (I use Tamari), fresh lemon juice, rice vinegar, minced green onion and a little crushed red pepper!  My family even loves to spoon some of this on the rice! 

The golden zucchini in the picture is local--from Anderson Organics.  So fresh and such beautiful golden color!  i just slice them up, coarsely chop some onion, add some salt and pepper.  Drop a few tablespoons of Earth Balance on top, then fold them into foil packets.  I throw these on the grill a little ahead of the chicken skewers.