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Rebecca's Real Food Peanut Butter Cups


Rebecca's Real Food Peanut Butter Cups

The thing I missed most while trying to eat real food was peanut butter cups...I started playing with the recipe, and now I think I've perfected it. The finished product is a peanut butter cup with a dense, comforting filling in a low-glycemic chocolate. It's a fast and easy thing to make, and I can grab one any time I need a quick snack.



Whole Grains Boring? Never!

Whole Grain doesn't have to mean crunchy rice and stale, chewy bread. I mean, whole grain bread can be delicious, as I'm sure you've discovered by now, but it's not all there is. Here are some grains and grain-like seeds that could make eating whole foods a lot more interesting:


Rockford Real Food Revolution Week 3:  Switch to whole grains!


Rockford Real Food Revolution Week 3: Switch to whole grains!

According to the Whole Grain Council, there are many benefits to including whole grains in your diet.  

“Eating the whole grain gives your body extra antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, all of which are essential to good health. Adding whole grains to your diet can significantly lower your risk of chronic diseases..."



Soup's On!

With all the great local harvest coming in, it would be a shame not to put some soup on the stove.  This one includes local potatoes (these red potatoes are actually red inside :), carrots, onion, and collards.  I used canned white beans from Cadia--which are Non-GMO Project Verified!  The smell alone will have everyone in your house asking how soon dinner will be ready!  Click here for the delicious Collards and White Bean Soup recipe.

collards soup.jpg



Favorite Grill Go-To

I love grill recipes that are simple and quick with very little clean up.  This dinner--Chicken Skewers with Dipping Sauce (click here for the recipe), grilled golden zucchini, and brown rice-- is one of my favorites.  I start with the organic Smart Chicken boneless skinless breasts--they always seems to stay so nice and moist, even when grilled.  The marinade is great because it's uses ingredients I always have on hand- garlic powder, onion powder, thyme, cayenne, basil, cumin, olive oil. (And if you buy these spices in bulk--such a bargain!) It only takes as little as 30 minutes of marinating for the chicken to absorb these great flavors. Only 8 - 10 minutes on the grill!

You might be tempted to skip making the dipping sauce, but trust me--don't!  Soy sauce (I use Tamari), fresh lemon juice, rice vinegar, minced green onion and a little crushed red pepper!  My family even loves to spoon some of this on the rice! 

The golden zucchini in the picture is local--from Anderson Organics.  So fresh and such beautiful golden color!  i just slice them up, coarsely chop some onion, add some salt and pepper.  Drop a few tablespoons of Earth Balance on top, then fold them into foil packets.  I throw these on the grill a little ahead of the chicken skewers. 






Blackhawks--Game 6 Food!

With Game 6 happening on a Monday night--I know I'll need something quick to throw together.  Here it is!  The only prep you need is chopping the veggies you want on this delicious pizza.  


Here is what you need:

1 package of Flatzza pizza crust (2 crusts)

1 can of tomato paste

2 cans of diced tomatoes

dried oregano and basil (fresh if you have it!)

minced garlic—I like mine pretty garlic-y so I use one clove per pizza

3—6 oz. packages of grated mozzarella cheese  (more if you are a mega-cheese lover :)

toppings of your choice (I used pepperoni, chopped onion and green pepper)


1.  Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.  (I used a pizza stone and pre-heated that as well.)

2.  Open the cans of diced tomatoes and drain in a colander while you prepare the crusts.  

3.  Spoon half of the can of tomato paste onto each pizza crust.  Spread evenly.

4.  Top each pizza with 1 package of the shredded cheese.  Open the third package of cheese and split it between each pizza.

5.  Press excess liquid out of the drained tomatoes.

6.  Sprinkle the drained tomatoes equally between the pizzas.

7.  Season with oregano and basil.  Add the minced garlic to each.

8.  Place your yummy toppings to your liking on each pizza.

9.  Bake at 400 degrees until the cheese is melted and starting to brown.  I usually start checking it after about 15 minutes.


This tastes so much better than those $5 hot and ready pizzas you pick up—and much better for you too.  




Today calls for baking!

Today's cool weather inspired me to bake.  With hot weather around the corner, it's doubtful that my oven will get much use in the upcoming months, and I LOVE to bake!   My daughter, Chelle, shared this Paleo Banana Bread recipe.  It came with rave reviews from her and her work colleagues.  I love that there's no added sugar--just the sweetness of the bananas...and the dark chocolate chunks of course!  :)  Delish right out of the oven!  Warm gooey chocolate and the texture is almost cake like!  Mmmm!  Almost forgot to add the link for the recipe!  Click here to get the recipe.