You’ve Made It Through the  First Four Weeks!!

Week 1—Motivation: Know your food!! Click here to see this post!

Week 2—Eat more fruits & veggies!! click here to see this post!

Week 3—Switch to whole grains!  Click here to see this post! 

Week 4—Kick the sugar habit!!  Click here to see this post! 

The plan for the Rockford Real Food Revolution is to completely change the way our community eats! Congratulations on your efforts so far!!

Here's a little added motivation to keep you going!  

Make time to view this video!

It will help reinforce your commitment to make real changes to the way you and your family eat!

Making changes to your lifestyle is a big undertaking. Old habits die hard. But, do not be discouraged!

Your health journey belongs to you. Do not compare yourself to others. Through the years, all of us have developed eating habits, some healthy, and some... not so much!

It may take some time to transition, but our amazing team at Choices is here to encourage and inspire you!

Stick with It!!

You are moving in the right direction! ! And it shows every time you eat an additional fruit or vegetable, every time you choose whole wheat bread over white bread, and every time you choose water over a sugary soft drink!

Be proud of every small step in your journey—it adds up

You are a leader! You are an inspiration to your kids, your spouse, your siblings, your friends, your co-workers. If you can make better choices toward a healthier lifestyle, so can they! !

You've got this!