Water doesn't have to be boring!.png

What exactly are real beverages?  Coffee, tea, 100% juice, milk and WATER!  

These beverages are NOT real beverages:  soft drinks (regular and diet), sports drinks, energy drinks, juices that are not 100% juice.

Hydration looks good on you!

Staying hydrated is essential for the health of our bodies, but many of us find it difficult to be drinking water all of the time. If you’re looking to incorporate more water into your diet, but aren’t so sure you want to trade in that tasty latte or soft drink for bland water, try this.  Just add any of the following botanicals to your water glass. No need to add heat—simply add your ingredient to fresh, cool water and enjoy! I like to put my concoction in a large mason jar and pour it into my glass from there. It keeps the flavors melding :) Cheers to your health!


*Strawberries (I love strawberries because of their high vitamin C content. Getting enough Vitamin C in the diet and keeping yourself hydrated are two things that are great for heathy skin!)

*Mint Leaves

*Lime Wedge


*Sliced Lemon

*Cucumber (Bonus Tip: Try using cucumber-infused water as a refreshing facial mist. Just pour your cool infusion into a spray bottle—Aura Cacia makes a great one for this-- and store in the fridge. This is especially wonderful in the warm summer months, but it feels like a mini spa treatment any time!)


*Hibiscus Petals

*Get Creative!* Try mixing and matching different fruit and herbal combinations. Strawberries and basil go great together, or try lime with mint for that summer mojito vibe.

Yummmm…. I feel more refreshed already! :)

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