Thank you to everyone who came out Saturday for our Customer Appreciation/Rockford Real Food Revolution sale!  It was so exciting to see the steady stream of people inspired to buy high quality, healthy food and save a lot of money too!  

A plant sprouting, for us, represents the promise of our community's intention to make healthy eating a priority this year.  But sprouts require nurturing to grow and mature.  A sprout without fuel will wither.  What will fuel your growth this year?  What will keep you encouraged in your healthy eating journey?  

Choices will be here.  We offer free informational classes.  Click here for our events page.  We offer sales each month that rival sale prices at some the much larger grocery stores in the area.  Click here to see our sales flyer.  We have a bulk section where you can buy organic staple foods (rice, beans, oats, etc.),  spices, and teas in the quantity you need at a lower price than  prepackaged versions of the same foods.  We have some of the best people working on our team!  Friendly.  Knowledgable.  Dedicated to making you feel like Choices is your very own personal neighborhood market.  Our store is small enough that you can navigate it quickly (if you have little ones in tow, or you're on your way home from work and don't want to deal with crowds) but large enough to carry all of the items you need.  We have a nice, smaller,  convenient parking lot--just steps to our entrance.  

We welcome the opportunity to be a part of your health journey this year!  Let's continue to inspire and encourage each other!