We are excited for the opportunity to connect our community with the local farmers who are behind some of the produce you will find at Choices.  Meet Tim and Delicia Brown from Broadview Farm & Gardens!


Tim, Delicia, their three children and Tim's mom live on the farm located in Marengo, IL.  They have now been farming for about 4 years.  It was inspiring to visit with them and hear how they went from being a West Coast, L.A. couple to Midwestern organic farmers.  This video is a summary of their journey. 

The reality is that every time you choose to purchase your fruits and veggies from a conventional grocery store, where all of their crops are grown on huge, commercial farms, you are taking income away from local farmers, like the Browns.  

Did you know that buying locally grown food can significantly boost our economy?

In Illinois, an estimated $46 billion (96 percent) of annual food expenditures, $14 billion of which consists of fruits and vegetables, is spent on imported food. A significant portion of this demand could be produced in the state and region, yielding an estimated $2.5 billion in economic activity in the region and $10 billion in the state. And because money spent on locally grown food creates a multiplier effect, internally circulating dollars 1.4 to 2.6 times within the local economy, $10 billion in unmet local demand could accrue to $14 to 29 billion in increased economic activity within Illinois.
— The Local Food Brochure

Yep--you read that right!  It could mean BILLIONS in increased economic activity!  (You can access The Local Food Brochure by clicking here.)

How you spend your grocery dollars matters!  

Invest in our local food systems!  

During the summer and fall, Broadview Farm & Gardens delivers their freshly harvested fruits and veggies to Choices several times per week.  You can also find their amazing produce at Rockford North End City Market, Rockford area GPS farmers market, and at the Aurora farmers market!  


If you'd like to learn more, you can visit their website:  https://www.broadviewfarmandgardens.com/